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Teddy Afro » Your Majesty (Germawinto)


10 December 2015

Your Majesty (Germawinto)

Many of our world’s historians have testified that the emperor has traveled from Mayichew to London when he learned that he can only look for diplomatic work to defend the brutal invading enemy and the kind of prophecy speech that the emperor made at the League of Nations in the city of Geneva has been the result of the decommissioning of the league. Furthermore, it has been recognized as one of “timeless” few speeches of the world ever recorded. It is widely spoken that the books that he wrote about his life and his country, Ethiopia have been able to impress many people of the world

But because of our blind hatred that we have before the revolution and of the ‘anti-monarchy” propaganda of the Dergue, our understanding of the man has been clouded and altered first and later on has faded and eventually we even forgot he ever existed. The great children of Africa who strived with him have confirmed that he is the prominent one among the Africans who struggled to unite Africa. Even a great artist like Bob Marley has dedicated significant part of his life praising the legacy of this man. He made the man very prominent to the extent that his followers (Rastafarians) have come to believe that he possesses a divine power. But, we, the ones who can’t deny his business was also our business, were about to completely forget him.

Teddy did not live at the time of this man. We can see his age and understand that he has no other way of knowing about “ His Majesty” except from what he heard, listened, read, assumed as well as his own research. However it will be to say the least that he is a young hero who was able to do what other people who lived at the king’s time and who regrets silently for not doing something, he is one who tried to make us listen to the shouts of Bob Marley and his kind, he is the one who tried to fill the void created by our regret inside us and who had the courage to try to preach an issue that no one has dared to do so before him.