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Teddy Afro » Haile Gebresilassie


10 December 2015

Haile Gebresilassie

Our long time saying of “a dead boy’s neck is long” represents our failure to be grateful for important people who were still alive. We can see that he has done pieces that showed us that if we praise someone while he is still alive it may encourage him, be proud and maybe of a simple gesture may extend his life a bit longer and yet we deprive him of these things and when his time reaches and exits our world that he can not hear us we start to praise him and admire him with words, colors, songs, poetry, statue etc. Maybe it’s our sense of indebtedness that made us shout on emptiness after the guy that we deprived of our praise passed away.

Of course, Haile geberesilallie achieved all his goals out of the humanistic desire of getting ourselves to a higher achievement. However aside making his dreams come true, the joy and sense of pride that he gave us can not ever be measured in any scale. If one of the people that were mesmerized by the victory of Haile at the Olympics is asked how happy he is, he only may pour out tears instead of words. At that happy and joyful moment, anyone will be willing to give sometime off his life on earth to Haile. However, after the moment has passed we began to even forget the where about of Haile until he presents us with another victory that will make us shout with thrill. The truth is that it will not be enough to shout day and night for a year to pay him for the unforgettable happiness he gave us at that moment. As such, we can say we are all in his debt. However, we certainly know that we haven’t been able to give Haile the proper appraisal except our gratitude and expression of feelings through television, radio, newspaper etc. He has partly paid off the debt we owe to Haile. This will in turn make us that we are indebted to Teddy.