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12 December 2015

Pop music star attends Condomize! event

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UNFPA organized a Condomize! Campaign event on the occasion of the commemoration of the World AIDS Day by UN staff today. The event which was organized in collaboration with the UN Cares Program was attended by the renowned Ethiopian pop music star Teddy Afro.

Speaking during the occasion, Mr. Faustin Yao, UNFPA Country Representative, remarked that prevention remained the mainstay of HIV/AIDS response. He stated that “condom use is a critical element in a comprehensive, effective and sustainable approach to HIV prevention and treatment.” On his part Teddy Afro said on the message he conveyed on the occasion that HIV/AIDS remains a formidable challenge and efforts need to be stepped up on its prevention.

The Condomize! booth set up by UNFPA was opened by Teddy Afro and UN Heads of Agencies present at the World AIDS Day celebration. The Association of Association for Women’s Sanctuary and Development (AWSAD), UNFPA’s partner on the Prevention of Violence Against Programme, organized a coffee ceremony where condoms were visibly displayed to promote the Condomize! Campaign.

The Condomize! Campaign destigmatizes the use of male and female condoms and makes an enormous contribution on condom acceptance and condom use. The campaign which UNFPA undertakes with partners aims to promote the effectiveness of this prevention commodity, especially among young people who are most vulnerable to the epidemic.

Since its launch in Ethiopia in 2011 at the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) the Condomize Campaign continues to be very popular in the country and has been staged at many HIV/AIDS and health related major events. The Condomize! Campaign was one of the hallmarks of the massive HIV testing event which took place in Gambela last year at World AIDS Day celebration, whose records went into the Guiness Book of world Records.

Chewatash // Teddy Afro - Tikur Sew
  1. Chewatash // Teddy Afro - Tikur Sew
  2. Fiyorina // Teddy Afro - Tikur Sew
  3. Tsebaye Senay // Teddy Afro - Tikur Sew
  4. Hilm Aydegemem // Teddy Afro - Tikur Sew
  5. Kelal Yihonal // Teddy Afro - Tikur Sew
  6. O Africaye // Teddy Afro - Tikur Sew
  7. Ayzenegash Libe // Teddy Afro - Tikur Sew
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